Summer Session 2019 will end on Friday, August 16th

By amerigo

We are excited to announce our Summer Hours and Class Schedule, which will start on Monday, June 10th and end on Sunday, August  16th.

Here’s the schedule for our Summer Hours:

Monday- Friday: 3:30PM-7:30PM

Saturday: no classes

Sunday: 8AM-3PM

Although we offer regular weekly classes during the summer, the emphasis of our Summer Class Schedule will be on intensive classes.

All classes will be held at Greenwich Catholic School.

The current classes held at the Boys and Girls Club will finish on Saturday, June 8th.  Weekday afternoon classes at Greenwich Catholic School (currently starting at 3pm) will continue starting at 3:30pm starting on Monday, June 10th.

All Sunday classes at Greenwich Catholic will remain the same.

We would love to hear from you on your summer plans.  For those of you traveling or not able to commit to an ongoing weekly class, starting on June 10th, our Intensive programs is set up per skill and age ability. Intensives are mini weekly swim camps. A swimmer attends a daily hour-long swim class at the same time, for five days straight, Monday to Friday. (Parent & Child Intensive classes are 30 minutes).  You will be able, if you so wish, to sign up for one or more intensive classes at a time as intensive classes are defined by weekly sessions.

We realize this may not work ideally for all, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As we work hard to secure our own facility, we appreciate your flexibility and patience as we find the best alternatives available to serve our growing Sweet Blue community.  At the same time, we hope we can help accommodate you with our new schedule.

We have added a short Q & A at the bottom of this email in an effort to make it easier to navigate this process. As always, we are also available by email or phone.



1. I’m in Saturday morning class, so does this mean I don’t have any more classes?  

BGCG pool will close to outside programs, including Sweet Blue, as of June 10th, so our last classes there will be held on June 8th. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and although we looked for Saturday morning options at other facilities, we unfortunately couldn’t find any. Please connect with us and let us know what would work best for you as we are committed to helping you find viable options for you and/or your child(ren).

2. I don’t see a class on your summer schedule that fits with my schedule. What should I do?

Please call us on 475-359-3528 to see what we can do.  

3. What if I’m traveling this summer and want to put my spot on hold?

You can secure a spot for the fall by emailing us with a stop and start date.  Fall classes will resume on DATE

4.  I found a class I’d like to move my child to starting the week of June 10th, but he is currently in a Tuesday morning class with you at BGCG.  How will this transition work?

Please email us the new class time and day you’re interested in. There will be nothing for you to do. We will complete your class transition with an email confirmation of enrollment in the new class time and day. Your child’s classes at BGCG will finish on Saturday June 8th, and beginning on June 10th your child will transition to the new schedule.

5. My daughter/son is enrolled in an afternoon class at Greenwich Catholic. Will I need to re-enroll my daughter/son to continue in a regular weekly class?

You will need to let us know your intention as soon as possible to continue in your weekly class. We will not be able to guarantee that the class your daughter/son was enrolled during the spring session will remain at the same time.

6. Our family is traveling this summer, but we plan to continue classes through July.  When should we notify you to discontinue our enrollment?

It is ideal if you could give us at least 30 days advance notice that your child will discontinue classes. However, we realize this quick transition to our summer schedule may not allow for that and so our goal is to remain flexible and work best to accommodate families and their schedules.

7. My child enjoyed her intensive class. Can she just come the following week?

Sure, but you will need to re-enroll her/him again for the following week, and we cannot guarantee that there will be space.