Grand Opening of New Stamford Location: November 9th

By amerigo

We are delighted to announce that, in addition to our programs at Greenwich Catholic School, Sweet Blue will finally open the doors of its new Stamford location on Saturday, November 9th.

Sweet Blue is fortunate to have the exclusive lease of the pool and its attached office, so, de facto, Stamford will become our Flagship, while still working on attaining a similar opportunity in Greenwich.

Our new Stamford facility is located at: 75 3rd Street, Stamford, CT 06905, which is owned by the Archangels Greek Orthodox Church.

Here below are the initial hours of operation at the Stamford Flagship:

Saturdays: 8am – 5:00pm

Tuesdays: 9am – 12pm / 3pm – 7pm

Wednesdays: 3pm – 7pm

Thursdays: 9am – 12pm / 3pm – 7pm

As you understand, initially, in the first stage of settling in our new environment, our swim classes in Stamford will include Saturday mornings and afternoons, as well as Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings. Eventually, more classes on different days will be added as we get settled, including afternoons on Wednesday and Thursdays.

We are currently working on putting together a class schedule for Saturday classes as well as Tuesday and Thursday morning classes.

We are very excited about this new opportunity for Sweet Blue, and we are blessed to have the encouragement and support from our entire community of families.