Amerigo Fabbri

By Spencer Sherman

Amerigo Fabbri graduated Summa cum Laude in Linguistics from the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1992. He earned his doctoral degree from the Department of Italian Language and Literature at Yale University in May 2004. His scholarly work focuses on Modernism and Modernity, with particular emphasis on Avant-Garde movements, including Cubism and Futurism.

Dr. Fabbri has won numerous prizes and awards, including the Yale College Prize for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching, one of twelve recipients university-wide. From 2004 to 2005, he has collaborated with the Whitney Humanities Center in the organization of cultural events, while being on the faculty of the Directed Studies program, a selective series of seminars designed for first-year students on the Western canon and taught by distinguished faculty.

From July 2005 to July 2016, he was Dean of Pierson College at Yale University, overseeing the operation of the college with the Head.  As Dean and chief academic officer of the college, Dr. Fabbri provided academic and personal counseling to over 500 undergraduates; administered and participated in residential college functions, served on Yale College Committees and taught one to two classes per year. His class “Futurism: The Shock of the New” was one of the most popular seminar courses offered in Yale College during his tenure.

Amerigo’s most memorable learning experience with swimming happened in Italy, when, as a young boy, he was too scared to jump from the five-meter diving board.  His swim instructor promptly climbed the diving board, picked him up and dropped him in the water.  He loved it so much, he got out and jumped in a few more times on his own that day. He is proud to say, Sweet Blue has more refined techniques than these to foster a love of the water in our swimmers.