Brian Kelly

By Sherman Lau

Brian grew up in Mahwah, New Jersey and first learned how to swim when his family tossed him in the deep end at 4 years old! Brian remembers competing at summer swim meets as early as 5 years old. He always knew he loved the water and wanted to compete, he would spend as much time in the water as his parents would let him! Brian followed his passion as it led him all the way to the collegiate level of competitive swimming at the University of Bridgeport. The life skills that swimming have carried over into his life outside of the pool, engraving hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Brian’s fondest swimming moment: During his senior year at the University of Bridgeport, Brian fought through an unfortunate health diagnosis that stopped his training for a whole year. The following year, his last year of NCAA eligibility he was able to qualify for the NCAA Division II championship meet which he could not have been more happy about. We are so proud to have Brian on our team!

In April of 2021, Brian became a full-time member of the Sweet Blue team as the Aquatics Manager.