Gemma Muirhead

By Sherman Lau

Gemma was born in London and grew up in Windsor, England. Her father competed in
triathlons, and as a result, her love of swimming grew as both her and her twin brother were
enrolled in a local swimming club. From the age of nine, her family relocated to Chicago,
where she competed with the Lake Forest Swim Club, qualifying to compete in the 800m
Freestyle at the 2010 US Nationals. Swimming became an invaluable way for Gemma to feel
involved in the community.

However, she chose to return to England, whilst her family relocated to Rye NY, to attend
Wycombe Abbey School, a girl’s boarding school. From there, she competed for both a local
team and her school team. Before attending University at King’s College London, Gemma
taught young people with disabilities at the Horizons Sports Club. By encouraging the kids
and the parents to embrace the positive attributes that swimming can bring, Gemma found
a new love for teaching, fostering an attitude that swimming can be more than just an
activity but something that can provide communicative benefits to all.
Besides swimming, Gemma plays Lacrosse and loves to read all things European History.