Grace Casolo

By amerigo

Grace grew up in Darien, Connecticut but moved to Woodside, California (Bay Area) when she was 13. Grace grew up in the water. She started swimming at 5 and then started diving and playing water polo at 8 on summer teams. Grace then started diving year round with Whirlwind, a club team at the age of 10. After the move to California she started diving with the Stanford club team at Stanford University.

Grace decided to come back to the East Coast in 2015 to study at Marist College, where she majored in sports communications and advertising. She was a four year member of the Marist Women’s Diving Team, which was a division 1 program. She was also very involved in the athletic program and a member of the L.E.A.P Council. It was an amazing experience being able to help other female athletes grow in many different ways. While at Marist she was also very involved in the athletic department as a whole. Grace was a member of the L.E.A.P (Ladies Empowering Athletic Program) council.