Liv Sosnoski

By Sherman Lau

Liv grew up in Danbury, CT!  Liv’s hobbies include swimming, beach volleyball, gardening, and hiking with her dog!  Liv grew up swimming and learned when she was 2-3 years old. Liv first got into competitive swimming as a kid when her mother signed her and her brothers up for a summer program! I already enjoyed swimming before, but from there my love of the sport just grew.

We asked Liv, “What has swimming taught you?”

Her answer: “Swimming—and especially swimming in college—has taught me that failure is an important step towards success. I’m no stranger to missing an important qualifying time by a thousandth of a second or swimming my heart out on a race and not getting the results I wanted. However, swimming taught me how to always get back up afterwards to try again.” 

Liv’s fondest memory of swimming is when her college team took a 10-day trip up to Maine to compete and train one winter. “Although it was a really untraditional training trip location, my whole team had a blast from singing Sweet Caroline on the long bus ride up, to playing Super Smash Bros after practices, and winning all of our meets while we were up there.”