Nicole Iacovetta

By amerigo

Since jumping into to local swimming pool at 1 1/2 years old, Nicole has been passionate about the joy, discipline and peace water brings to her life.  Friends often joke she loves water so much, she would gladly swim in a puddle!    Professionally, she holds an abundance of certifications including Level 1 & 2 Paddle Boarding from ASI, AquaFit from AFPA, Personal Training from NASM, Red Cross Lifeguard and Certified Pool Operator. Personally, she enjoys endurance paddle boarding events like SeaPaddle (26 miles around Manhattan) and Sup11City (over 100 miles in Amsterdam), anything purple and country line dancing.  She firmly believes water has the ability to transform us both physically and mentally. Joining the Sweet Blue family was the perfect place to share her enthusiasm for water and she especially prides herself on being able to take a child who is severely frightened of the water and building their confidence to a level in which they are actually excited to jump into the deep end by themselves.  She is also extremely proud to announce that her 70 year old mother finally learned to swim as a student at Sweet Blue, proving it is never too late!