Sam Lassen

By Sherman Lau

Sam grew up in Danbury, CT! Sam enjoys Hiking, working out, and relaxing with her friends.

Sam first learned how to swim when she was 3 years old and she loved to be in the water. She was always the first one in and the last one out. When it came to lessons, she felt she was always motivated and engaged listening to her coaches!

Sam first got into competitive swimming her freshman year of high school by making the varsity team and then joined The New Fairfield Aquafliers which helped her prepare for her collegiate season at Hartwick College. 

Swimming has taught Sam how to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, while also helping her build lasting friendships. 

We asked Sam, What is your fondest memory from swimming? Her answer was:

“My fondest memory of swimming would have to be my past season at Hartwick College. Even though we could not have a regular season, our coaches did everything in their power to give the team a great experience.”