Tara Onaitis Phelan

By amerigo

Tara brings nearly 16 years of experience in swimming instruction to the team at Sweet Blue. Born and raised in Norwalk, Tara recalls fond memories of sailing across New England in her family’s 42-foot sailboat and diving into the Atlantic Ocean for a quick swim. She began her career as a lifeguard and instructor at Birchwood Country Club in Westport at the age of 15. After attending Southern Connecticut State University, Tara relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she continued to master her teaching skills rising to the role of Aquatic Director in 2018. The charm of Connecticut lured Tara back in 2019 and she further honed her skills as a Senior Swim Instructor in New York prior to joining Sweet Blue in early 2022. Tara resides in Norwalk with her husband, Matt, and two rescue dogs, Honey and Chubby. You can easily spot Coach Tara here at Sweet Blue due to her vibrant and festive swim suits that she is known to wear!